Rita Madelaine Loewenthal

expressiveness delves into the art roots

Rita´s art is based on an abstract discourse that seeks to settle in the roots of matter because she considers that this is essential to understand existence. For this reason, she paints abstract landscapes where allusions to mountains appear here and there, in the center or the corners, landscape compositions, made in black on a gold background.
The artist conceptualizes the mountains or the allusions to the vegetation as if they were symbols of a great power hidden in the force that encloses matter in itself, for this reason, she paints them black, as if they were the result of combustion, reduced to ashes. and return the cycle of life to begin.
Rita looks for the roots because it is essential for her to delve into the beginnings of everything that exists. In the same way that it connects with primitive cultures, with the development of characters that stand out for their innocent, natural, clean, and clear way of looking. They are like ancestral beings from different areas of the earth. We are all, them and us, the primitive beings and the human beings of today, one and the other united by our attitudes, by our way of being in ourselves, and not by affiliation to any specific ethnic, power, or economic group.
Her approach has a clear geometric and structural intention, for this reason, she makes her painting based on different colorful compositions established as a collage, looking for relief, the evidence of the matter, the thickness of the pigment, the chromatic determination based on the way of interpret what exists from the background and not from the external.
Rita Madelaine is a painter of synthesis, although she meticulously elaborates and treats matter, highlighting her golds and blacks, because her golden light is like the primordial energy that gives meaning to existence and allows matter to transmute, never die, and transcend.

Joan Lluís Montané
De la Asociación Internacional de Críticos de Arte (AICA)