Hector Valdés

Inner contemplation and meditation

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A Chilean plastic surgeon and sculptor, Hector Valdes, makes sculptures that show a variety of postures, or Asana, which refers to the yoga tradition. In this way, he unites matter and spirit, struc- ture, and configuration coming from a profound attitude of me- ditation while giving power to the body. The position of the body and different postures define a way of consolidating the strength that allows us to live in balance.

Inner serenity cannot be achieved without harmony. What is insi- de is what is outside, and what is above is what is below. Balance is achieved by establishing a vital dynamic based on the transcen- dence of the inner self to project ourselves outward. Spiritual evo- lution is impossible if we remain only in the form, but we must use it to project its structure to consolidate a way of facing existence that allows us to transcend towards other more advanced realities. Hector’s sculptures are made in bronze with different patinas. Val- des combines a formal way of seeing the stages of consciousness with a method of connecting with everything that exists naturally in all dimensions and angles. Because existence is based on the possibility of building bridges that can be used to improve and create new, more advanced realities. These realities are not always structural, but they have great power.

Hector’s work is delicate and subtle, where a constant tribute to the woman figure is also present, always trying to set a precise approach to her beauty, both inside and outside.
The woman is the axis that leads the world and makes it positive. Héctor is an artist who strives to be true to himself, using his artis- tic, medical, and business knowledge to promote his own art. He is also looking for a holistic approach to mindfulness that would give him a stable attitude and position in life on a physical, mental, and emotional level.