About us

Artventurous Magazine is a symbiosis between art and design, 

We love eclecticism and doing, so we will highlight the most talented artists, artisans, designers, and the most avant-garde  Galleries that we find worldwide, fusing genres and mixing different creative expressions. It’s all about showing a diversified platform for art & design.

AM will display a series of scenes where Art & Design elements hybridize with the unknown to introduce creative perspectives into the world of Style.

All generated with a future generation. We hope that AM will  influence Inform and inspire your interpretation of arts as you flip through this special edition

AM will be hosting a platform for artists, and designers to explore their creativity through original editorial shoots and dynamic feature pieces.

We have cultivated a community of artists who have all worked together to tell narrative stories.

With any publication, there is so much more room for AM to grow in the years to come. As the editor-in-chief, I will make sure to highlight Artventurous unlimited malleability.