Lun Lun

Light and color painting is the connection that transcends

Japanese artist paints in acrylic and spray paint “Rainbow Dragon” a work that represents the dra- gon that gives good luck and is God who grants wishes, within a three-dimensional context since it configures auroras and clouds on the roof. Auroras, rainbows, the firmament of emotions and feelings, the expansion of consciousness as the supreme act that connects us with the universe. Her art is mate- rial but with contrasting and subtle colors, seeking to expand the relief of the color and dynamism of matter. Born in Japan on the island of Awaji, she employs some of her compositions of water and sand from the sea that bathes the coasts of her nati- ve island or from the Canary Islands, where she has also created some of her paintings. Lun Lun wor- ks with different materials, all materials contras- ted, such as watercolor, seawater, acrylic or spray, sand, and others. Her connection with nature and the universe is evident, settling in with a speech, very careful in the deepest aspects since it seeks to convey joy, strength, hope, love, compassion, and subtle emotion. Starting from the simple, she con- figures a world endowed with complexity, that con- tacts with evident aspects of life, stand out for their naturalness and essentiality.