Elvin Nabizade

An artist from Azerbaijan.
Modernity and traditions-no chains, no restrictions!

Azerbaijan has been surrounded by huge empires that have used its resources, tried to wipe out the nation’s uniqueness, and made the world think it has no long history. Soviet Empire propaganda was intended to deprive the Azerbaijani people of their ancestral connections and diminish their unique customs and cultural prac- tices. However, the attempts were unsuccessful.

Azerbaijan is a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia and has a rich history of cultural influences. The culture is a perfect mix of the Orient and the Occident, sparkling from its singularity.

The Museum of Modern Art in Baku (MOMA), which houses a collection of over 70 years of contemporary art, focuses on the contemporary art of Azerbaijan. When Azerbaijan gained in- dependence, it was a prime source of contemporary art. Many Azerbaijani artists were able to keep their identities despite strict censorship and Soviet propaganda. At last, contemporary art is starting a new era of art with freedom of expression and an open mind to creativity. All the media, all the subjects, and all the limits are open to everyone. This is reflected in the creativity of the young artist Elvin Nabizade.