Olia Breva

Delirium in poetic dreams

Olia Breva discovered her artistic vision in early childhood. When she was 8, one of her artworks was chosen for an exhibition in Japan. She entered an art school six years later, which she successfully completed. Des- pite her calling for the art sphere, Olia got a master’s degree in economics. However, her innate passion has always pulled her back to the artist pathway: Olia continued to master her creative skills in the studios of academic artists, taking classes and practicing. She tries herself in various formats: painting, graphics, interior design, and architectural solutions. Olia Breva believes that self-de- velopment is the key quality for all creative professions and that she is constantly evol- ving as an artist. You can see her as a painter whose life is connected to art. She is always searching for new ways to express herself and find meaning.