Patrick Vogel

ALT / Shift

“Patrick is artist, architect, super creative director and founder of ALT/ Shift. As creative forward thinker, he is also the lead artist of Porsche’s first virtual collectible. Being one of the top 3D artists in Germany, he is not only a passionate visual art creator, but the creative mastermind behind lots of other art ptojects. His other big passion is craft beer, he has his own craft beer brewery, where he produces for family and close friends. Patrick is based in Hamburg Germany, where he lives with his wife Tanja who is co-founder of the boutique visual design studio ALT/ Shift.
His art is following his adhd, its colourful, often weird and very vibrant. Patrick loves to bend reality and mixes real elements with digital beauty and surreal worlds. Often, his art has a one of a kind positive vibe and communicates through strong colour palettes. Patrick sees art as a journey through his mind – with the mission to make the viewer feel a positive spark in mind.”