Nathalie Moulinet


As a French artist living in Miami, Nathalie MOULINET dedicates herself to painting and sculpture. A creative mastermind since birth, she graduated in Art & Computer Sciences with a master’s degree from L’École des Beaux-Arts and the University of Normandy. Driven by an acute sensitivity and being very detail-oriented, she uses a wide variety of skills to express herself on her favorite topics: (WO)MAN and NATURE

The essence of life is an unfathomable mystery

French, painter, and sculptor, currently residing in Miami (USA), Nathalie promotes women’s acknowledgement and  freedom challenging scenes of daily life, always seeking to deepen the meaning that these contents rather than being interested in their description. On the other hand, she is also interested in portraits especially icon females. She represents them emotionally, intervening at an expressive and material depth. It is a question of going beyond the anecdote, of being interested in the narrative, inserting the viewer in the minds of those represented women. She works with acrylic, markers and graphite, creating enriched monotypes in which she has incorporated collage elements with contrast as an element of her central speech.
In this way, her work gains in depth, generating a special ambience, endowed with a certain aura of mystery, with an ability to exhibit what is present in all the vital circumstances of each one and that normally go unnoticed by the viewer. Hence, Nathalie seeks to connect with everything that exists, even what is not seen and verified to make us think that the essence of life is an unfathomable mystery that is constantly changing but is always present.

Alexandra Konshakova
Art Critic specialist from Hermitage Museum St Petersburg