Inga Elser

‘I express, what impresses me’ Emotions and beauty

At the Art Expo in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal, which took place from the 10-12th of February 2023 Artlovers, Curators, Artists, and all kinds of interested Persons could see, among many interesting artworks of other international artists, some of the abstract artwork of Inga Elser from Switzerland.
Her specialties in her series of different formats are the warm, bright acrylic colors, the subtle mixture of shiny colors like gold, silver bronze, and more, her golden signature as a well-calculated part of the composition, her ability to design every painting of a series in itself, but also perfect as a part of the series.
Inga Elser’s work is without exception in an esthetic style, colorful, structured, showing a line and – important – can be recognized. All those points make an artistic work unique and interesting for collectors.

Artventurous upcoming shows with Inga Elser

5-9 July 2023
Art Fair Barcelona
World Trade Center Barcelona

20-22 October 2023
Art Shopping Paris
Carrusel du Louvre