the fulL spectrum of light and line

These series of square-foot target paintings consist of several layers.
Each painting started initially with an oil on canvas painting that was painted in several increments over about 11 years, with long breaks in between. The initial phase was painted working with a model in the studio; a few years later, content, lines, and colors were added, mostly primary and secondary colors in bold composition; and a few years later, various geometrical thin layers of oil paint glazes were incorporated into the paintings giving it the final three-dimensional feel.
A 1ft x 1ft portion (selected carefully by the artist) of each of those figurative paintings was scanned and converted to a digital image, which in turn was printed as a Giclée print on canvas, mounted on a stretcher frame, and framed around with a black wooden frame for enhancement.
Those Giclée prints then were painted with oil paint glaze, forming round and square “target-like” shapes, and while those layers were wet, they were randomly scratched to form curved lines and shapes. After the paint completely dried, more wiggly lines were added with special gold & silver permanent pens.
The paintings were sealed with a layer of varnish to complete the process.