Annalisa Vicari

Monalisa Society

When did you first know you wanted to pursue a creative/artistic path professionally?
I started drawing pretty much when I started riding horses, at a very early age. Drawing was a pure instinct before becoming a passion and/or therefore a talent.
It’s the fascinating force that pushes you to reproduce beauty or beautiful things around you. For me, those things were in nature. From the small to the big worlds, from there you start creating worlds even bigger and there creative individuals find calm since you created it yourself.
Drawing and riding takes you into imaginaires you belong to, so real for yourself but not for everyone else, that’s exactly why art moves people. Creatives drag people who belong or not to places or emotions that feel familiar but are not.
I loved so many creative universes: art, music, food, animals, plants, design, fashion, architecture, history, anything with a heritage and a future but you have to choose one eventually. So I chose drawing. That’s when I moved from Sicily to Rome to attend the International School Of Comics to become a professional in animation and just you know the horse is one of the most difficult subjects to animate.
Annalisa before we move on to more questions, can you take some time to bring our readers up to speed and describe what you do?
I am a storyboard artist, character designer and illustrator but I have been working for the past 10 years a s Director of a visual art academy, International School of Comics in Chicago. Now I am back to visual arts.